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Daily bonuses update

Hi friends,

last week we launched a new feature that rewards managers for their daily logins. The amount of money was calculated as 1% from weekly income from sponsors. This was met with quite a negative response from many of you who felt that the rich teams will benefit from this and that it will become even more difficult for others to catch them up.

As you know, a manager from the top league and a newbie have a very different perception of money. Their daily expenses are incomparable. That's why we originally decided to give everyone a percentage from their sponsor income rather than a fixed mount. However, we decided to change that with regard to your reactions and comments.

As of tomorrow, the bonus will be the same for every team and it will be 50,000 PPM money. That's a maximum of 5.6 million per season. Moreover, we will synchronize the bonus with PPM day. PPM day starts at 5am CET. The bonuses that were awarded between midnight and 5am CET were showing in your finances in the previous day stats. Now the days will be synchronized so that there is no more confusion.

We are still experiencing some problems with the bonuses in football. Some users have reported that they didn't see the pop-up and didn't receive the bonus. If that happens to you, the best thing you can do is to restart your browser and try logging in again. We are trying to figure out where the problem is but so far it remains a mystery.

I also bring you an update on the development of the new lineup and substitutions page in football. We are making some final adjustments and the launch is expected on Monday next week. It has turned out to be a much bigger challenge than we had initially thought. Once we are ready for launch, football will be offline for a few minutes while we convert your current substitution settings into the new system.

Have a nice day!

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