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New developer

Hello friends,

I would like to announce that PowerPlay Manager has hired a new developer who will hopefully help us in faster and more efficient progress. His name is Vrato and he is a program writer. Vrato has joined us last Wednesday and we have begun with his training. We believe he can be a great help for us in the future. Welcome to the team.

Besides that, we have also made two new positions on PPM. Manager grab has been named the chief moderator and he has written a unified set of rules regarding the advertising of players and staff members on the forums. You can read the rules here:

We have also named a new chief tester - gord007. We hope that gord will help us increase the efficiency of testing and thus decrease the number of bugs in the game.

I am not finished with the good news yet. The migration to the new servers has been completed and the game is now running very smoothly even during the rush hour. The servers have been optimized and the restrictions for users have been minimized which I am sure will be appreciated even by our most persistent critics. We still have some bugs to fix but the most problematic issues have been solved.

The deadline for submitting bids for hosting the World Championships has passed and we have received a total of 8 bids. That is in all three divisions together. The committees now have time until this Sunday to adjust their bids according to our suggestions. The bids will be presented to you next Monday, February 8 and the winners will be announced on Wednesday, February 10.

Finally, I would like to thank alexios and PABEH for improving the Russian name database.

Have a nice day!

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