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New features and some changes

Hi friends,

I bring the latest news from the development of hockey. We have made some changes that you should know about. First of all, we have changed the way how the scheduling of friendly games works. The games are now scheduled in one hour intervals to prevent the possibility of having two games scheduled for the same time. Because of this change, we had to delete all of the requests in the automatic friendly game scheduling tool. If you had some requests in this tool, please add them again.

The other important announcement is, that next week we plan to change the numbers of staff members coming in every two weeks. We have come to a conclusion that their numbers are too high and they will be arriving in smaller numbers from next week. It is no major change as the maximum number in one pull will be changed from 8 to 6. If you have some job applicants still waiting to be accepted, I recommend you to at least view them before we make this change. While we are on this subject, I should also mention that when you accept a staff member, he will not arrive immediately but within an hour just like it is with players from the sports academy.

Now for the new features. We have implemented a world ranking for national teams which is based on the final ranking of each team in the most recent championships. The most recent championships always have the highest value in this ranking. Soon there will also be a new column on the Players page where you will see whether a player has received any awards or not.

We are currently working on national team history. This will be a page with the previous results of the national team as well as previous general managers and medal record.

Enjoy the weekend!

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