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The first day is over

Hi friends,

The first and very hectic day of Pre-Beta is now history. How did it go? As many of you have witnessed, our server collapsed right at the beginning (the reason was that 450 poeple within 5 seconds clicked to create a team, which is a rather difficult process to calculate, and the server couldn't cope with it), which caused a few problems, but eventually the team creation process got going nicely and until yesterday it was going smoothly. A shame about that initial collapse. A number of teams got corrupted because the team creation was interrupted in the middle of the process. What exactly happened and how did we react?

1. Some leagues only had up to 5 teams - we filled out the other spots and currently they are full of teams
2. Managers had foreign players - we fixed this
3. They didn't have sponsors - we fixed this
4. They didn't have team and arena names - this is more complicated, we will create a rename tool, which was planned as a credit feature. Here the teams and arenas will be renamed. We would like to ask managers of these teams for patience and please accept our apology
5. Some teams (only a small number) got more money than the starting 2 millions - we decided to leave this as it is, as this is only gross testing and there is not many teams like this. It would be difficult to take them away as the managers have invested this money. At least we can test if they take advantage of a small head start in the game...
6. We allowed 33 managers, who had their teams in the process of creation but their team was not created because of the collapse to create their teams again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What else have we solved? Many things come from your ideas:
- We modified the icon that shows the rank in the league so that it only changes after the second playing day is done as this caused the impression of inaccuracy
- After a longer inactivity the system logs you out and you get into the Public account. This was causing chaos because it looked as if you were logged into someone else's account. We changed this so that you notice at first sight, that you are in the public account. Now you cannot send bids for player and similar action...
- We changed the welcome news in team news because it was inaccurate

What are we planning next:
- Tune bugs in the account, especially:
- Solving the problem of erroneous pulling of the goalie and withdrawing the fourth line
- Fixing the market and returning of the incorrectly sold players
- Finalizing the features of the market with the search filter

Finally, I would like to congratulate the very first manager to create a team - jommy from Finland. Congrats! All in all the first day was above our expectations. We were worried about lack of interest from the managers but it was the other way round. At the moment we have 1000 teams and the question is how big the demand will be from now on. Great news is, that with 450 intensively clicking managers, the server was behaving very well...

I will write again soon


Ivan alias tuttle

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