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Change of deadlines on the market

Hi friends,

I bring you the latest news from the development of PPM. First of all, I would like to announce that today we are going to change the way the deadline moves on the market. If there is a bid in the last minute, the deadline will move by 2 minutes. If there is a bid in the penultimate minute, the deadline will move by 1 minute. The reason why we are doing this is to enable the new credit feature called "Market Agent". The market agent will be a feature that will allow you to set the highest price you wish to pay for the player or a staff member and it will send auto-bids even if you are not online. To continue development on this feature we have to change the way the deadlines are moved.

In other news, the nicknames of players mentioned last time round, have also been added to the live broadcast. Speaking of live broadcast, you may have noticed blank plays recently appearing. This is because our live developers have been adding them in real fast tempo lately and we are lagging behind slightly with our translations. If you would like to help with the translations of live plays from English to your language, please contact me.

As you probably know, the managers lose the teams after 21 days of inactivity. For some this seems like a short time and it might happen that they find themselves without internet connection for a longer period. Therefore we have implemented a PRO feature that extends the maximum period of inactivity for all PRO pack owners to 50 days. If you have a PRO pack, you don't have to worry about losing your team after 3 weeks without internet.

Have a nice day


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