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Month of Referrals evaluation

Hi friends,

the Month of Referrals is over and it is time to announce the winners. Our congratulations go to everyone who has gained at least 10 verified referrals in the month of October, but especially to the top 3 - Holypaladin, JosipDumancic and eldorado. These three managers have not only received a very nice amount of credits, but also official PPM T-shirts. Every one of the top three will get enough credits to buy PRO pack for a year. Holypaladin's 597 credits are almost enough for a combo PRO pack for one year in both sports. In all, 66 managers have managed to get enough referrals to qualify for a reward in credits. The referrals will now continue to be rewarded in a regular way.

1  Holypaladin 597
2  JosipDumancic 546
3  eldorado 324
4  Zikij 258
5  Jersyy 188
6  jackass9 167
7  marceloflm 160
8  acko83 152
9  osa 99
10  Fatulla 92

We would like to apologize to the Slovenian organizing committee of the Top division of PPM Ice Hockey World Championships for the fact that the semifinal games have been played in the wrong arenas. We would like to assure everyone involved that none of the teams gained any advantages.

Final announcement is about the announced new features that should have been added last week. Some have been added in a bit of a rush and bugs appeared. Those have been fixed in the meantime. Others have been delayed. The feature called offensive zone time by period which should have been added to the game summary has been postponed until next season. We need some more time to test this thoroughly. The faceoffs calculations should be done during this week.

That's all, have a nice day!

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